Invitation to World Literature

Invitation to World Literature is a site that contains videos about classic works of world literature. Each video guides you through the themes and nuances of each work. 
This site can work as reference material for either you or your students. 
 Watch this video for a trailer. 

You Are What You Read. 

You Are What You Read is a book recommendation service for young readers and a social networking site.  Students can share information on their favorite books and discover people who share similar interests and through this discover other books that might interest them. There are also excellent resources that you can access without signing up for an account. One of the most notable is the list of celebrities and famous people who have listed their favourite age appropriate books. 


Storybird is a free online website that allows students to create stories using art.   This site is great for students  who aren’t confident writers because Storybird reverses the process of visual storytelling by starting with the images and allowing students to ‘unlock’ the story inside.  Their motto is pretty simple “choose an artist or a theme, get inspired, and start writing.”  The site is designed to be collaborative and allows students to work on projects together.   Check out this video for ideas how to use storybird .

Digital Booktalk

Digital Booktalk is a website that contains over a 100 digital trailers for books.  This website is all about providing children with video trailers of books to help engage them in reading.  The trailers are done in motion style which in theory should help students better be able to find a book that matches their interests. You could point students towards this if they are struggling to find a book. Or better yet, why not get them to create their own book trailers?

911 Writers Block

911 Writers Block  is an online creative writing website that helps students who are struggling with character details, opening lines, verbs, settings and dialogue.


Knoword is a word game that focuses on teaching and advocating proper spelling habits.   This is an activity that students could spend 5-10 minutes doing in a lesson or you could set it for homework. A downside is that currently there is no way to check if students have completed the activity. 


Wordle is a great way for students to explore words!

  • Character analysis 
  • Personal Profile
  • Poetry

This website is free! Students can save their wordle's as an image file or can embed the link on their own personal site or if you have your own social community running they can embed there and share with the class

Glogster Yourself

The title pretty much says it all, "glogster yourself".  This tool allows students to create a form of self expression through multi-media collages.   Students can embed video, pictures, animation's, upload music and therefore can make a highly interactive poster.  Surfing some of the  most popular glog's can give you some ideas on what you and your students can do with glogster! 

This website is free, however, students are required to create an account in order to make their own glog.  The option is there for you to set up accounts for students but please note that this option can be time consuming. What I did instead is let students create their own accounts and I made it their responsibility to keep track of their passwords and logon details.  

If you use a social networking site there is the option to embed or link your glogster.  Students can also submit their glogster's via email.


I know you have probably already heard of YouTube, but don't forget to use it! There are great video's out there that help break up a lesson and enhance the quality of your teaching.  I've included links to some of my favorite video's below.


Tell Tale Heart Animation - A creative animation of this classic short story by Edgar Allen Poe
The Raven - Reading by James Earl Jones
Mankind is No Island - Great for when you are teaching visual literacy or silent films. This was the NY 2008 TROPFEST Winner.
TROPFEST - This channel contains entires and winners of this short film festival.  One of my personal favorites that I use when teaching 'Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' by Mark Haddon is 'Be My Brother', which was the 2009 TROPFEST winner.
Where the Hell is Matt? - Very heartwarming. Prompts discussion. Good for journal writing.
Dove - Evolution Commercial - This is a good resource to use when teaching advertising or for when you are looking at gender roles and body image.  There is also a Dove Evolution Parody.

10 Free Movies on Youtube - youtube also hosts free educational movies. 

 <Embedplus> - Is a free online website that lets you clip and annotate YouTube videos. This website is simple to use and requires no registration.  You simple add the Youtube link that you want to edit. You can then pick what part of the video you want the class to see.   The annotate with links feature lets you direct students to information that will build upon what sutdents watched in your video.  You can embed your video into your online corkboard or learning platforms or copy the link and post it.  

Viewpure - lets you view youtube videos without comments, suggestions or other things. 

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the place where you can download over 33,000 free ebooks to read on your PC, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Android or other portable device.

If you are studying any of the classics, chances are you can find them free here.  Once a book passes copy write it is available for free.  'Alice in Wonderland' recently became available. 

More Resources...

Make Beliefs Comics - is a website that allows you to create your own comic strips.
Toondoo - is another website that allows you to create your own comics. 
Lego Comics - create comics using lego characters.
Grammar Girl - is a website that has podcasts on grammar. They are styled as short helpful tips. - this website contains free grammar tools such as rules, commonly confused words and grammar and punctuation videos. 
Spelling City - this website helps you practice your spelling words.
Visuwords - is an online graphic dictionary. It lets you look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. It produces diagrams reminiscent of a neural net to help students learn how word associate. 
My Vocabulary - is a free resource that helps students master vocabulary. There are free interactive puzzles focusing on using latin/greek roots. Thematic puzzles on a variety of subject areas and word lists. 
Oatmeal Comics: funny comics on grammar. 
Free Rice - This is a simple literacy program. For every answer a student gets right, the site donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.
@ShakespeareSays - follow Shakespeare on Twitter.
Save the Words! - This site contains words that are on their way out...
The Imagination Prompt Generator - don't be fooled by the title. This site comes up with really creative journal topics.

Toasted Cheese - is a web calender with daily writing prompts.
ReadWriteThink -is a website that contain very handy classroom resources. These resources are more suitable for younger students.  One of my favourite resources is the newspaper generator
The Newspaper Clipping Generator - this website lets you add text and then generates an image that makes it look like a newspaper clipping.  You can then download your image. 
Sense-Lang - is an online touch typing program. It includes free typing games, key board tutorials and the ability to add a class and set homework.
The Pit and the Pendulum - This website has an interactive comic that you can download on this famous short story by Edgar Allen Poe. There is also an animated film.  Click here for the comic.